Welcome to Mind Over Matter Audios! If you are overwhelmed or out of control, then you have landed in the right place. Here at Mind Over Matter Audios,  it is my goal to help you overcome obstacles in your life that you never thought you possibly could overcome. People all over the world, just like yourself, have got their power back with the power of their own minds.

Perhaps you are struggling with a ton of stress? Maybe you have been really hard on yourself and you just need a little extra boost of SELF LOVE and CONFIDENCE in yourself? Or you have been told by someone else that you are not worthy or deserving or you just feel that way? Have you recently separated from what you thought was the love of your life and you are devastated? Maybe you recently lost a loved one and you are grieving?  Are you overweight? Do you suffer from Anxiety or Panic Attacks? These Audios will help you feel better. Have you heard the saying “What you think about, you bring about?” Your mind does not know the difference between real or pretend. It only knows what you feel and imagine and wants to give you more of that. It has no idea whether its good or bad for you. It thinks it is helping you. So, the key to your success is to think positive thoughts that encourage you to reach your goals. 

Most of us have experienced one or more of these things in our lives. The people that come out on top are people that use tools like this to overcome life’s major disturbances. The best thing about this is that it is NATURAL and there are no drugs making you a zombie. You will feel better within your spirit and your higher self. Get your power back!

We all have had surprises in our life and trauma and shock. It’s part of being human. But how do you overcome it? You program your mind DAILY with positive affirmations and deep meditation that LOCKS in the feelings of well being, success, and love for yourself on your journey. 

Remember, your mind only knows what you feel and what you visualize and then it gives you more of that! So, imagine if you could start feeling more confident in your abilities to succeed. Imagine what it would look like if you could NOT fail. That is the beginning to training your mind for success. By purchasing Mind Over Matter Audios, you are retraining your mind for success. You will begin to believe in yourself and your abilities. Seriously though, if you won’t do the work, who will?

Let Mind Over Matter Guided Meditations by Jonnata Mata help you get your power back! The time is now. You deserve to reach your goals and become that person you have always known deep down you can be.

I believe in you! <3 <3

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