Beach Body Vibe~ Reach Your Goal Weight

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Imagine what it will feel like when one year has gone by and you have been in control of food and you have reached your goal. You can do it! I believe in you and your ability to overcome anything you set your mind to. 

This will help you reach that goal. Why wait another year? Start reprogramming your mind for love and self worth and “Let Go of the Weight of the PAST.”

It is over.  It’s just not you anymore!! Get your power back…



Goal Weight~ Beach Body Vibe

This recording was designed to help you reduce weight and helps you focus on positive thoughts and feelings about your body. Good vibes only. Begin to focus on a particular goal or weight. This is not a diet. I believe that diets cause us to feel deprived. This will help you to make healthier choices. Imagine feeling as though you are in control of food. You desire to feel strong & healthy. You will see yourself rejecting harmful stress that used to cause you to overeat. You will find yourself setting boundaries for yourself and others. This will not feel like you are being deprived. Letting go of excess fat is fun and rewarding! This is designed to help you feel confident and look forward to your beach body. Begin to let go of any doubt and believe in yourself.

You may notice that you find yourself interested in eating the proper foods for your body. This is designed to help you choose healthy foods. It suggests that you allow yourself to get fresh air, good water and you take time to spend in the sun and you rejuvenate your body.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are getting closer to reaching your goal weight! It includes motivation to exercise, at a pace that is perfect for you. This is the year to focus on a new you. You are interested in taking care of yourself and making the most of your life.

This recording also helps you to release anger, resentment, judgments and all guilt that you have directed towards yourself or others.  You will begin to embrace yourself with affirmations of self love, self acceptance, self worth and self approval. You will now have total freedom to create love, health, and the body image you desire. Begin to love your body just as it is and as it only gets better.

The power to heal with self love is unlimited. Allow yourself to begin to accept yourself.  What would it look like if you could make changes to your diet and feel safe? You may find that you no longer fear your relationship with food. You will be in control of food. Not the other way around. You will have your power back and that feels awesome!

You may find that your relationships get better because you are feeling better. Positive thoughts about your body only help you to get better.



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