Forgiveness & Self Love

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What would it look like if your future was open to you? This recording will have you in control of your life and your emotions. It will guide you to see yourself happy. Seeing yourself feeling better about yourself. What if you could flow easily with the ups and downs? What if you became more and more confident around people? What if your conversations flow smoothly and you are calm and relaxed. Imagine how proud of yourself you will be when you reach all your goals. “What you think about, you bring about.”



Forgiveness & Self Love

This recording for Forgiveness & Self Love by Jonnata Mata reminds you that you are safe, protected, guided from within. Let go of anger, shame, guilt, resentment. Unblock the unlimited power of the healer within yourself. Make a choice to let go of the weight of the past. It is over! Move on and release those false illusions created out of fear.

This recording guides you to leave behind limitations and allows you to travel within to create the self love and acceptance that you deserve. Create individual power and freedom.  Move past negative thinking. Release the past and find it easier to forgive others and move on with your life. Create self love and acceptance for yourself. You deserve to be happy and loved and cherished. Listening to this recording will help you to train your mind to think positive thoughts and help you to believe in yourself.

This was designed to help you to begin to feel better about your life. It focuses on forgiveness and self love and letting go of the past. Begin to see your own self worth!!

What if you began to feel you are worthy of all the good things that life has to offer. What if I told you that you are powerful and can do anything you put your mind to? You will choose to feel better about yourself and your life and have a much better attitude in regards to your future.

No matter what has happened to you in the past, it does not mean you have to take that with you into the future. You will begin to let go of the belief that you can’t change.  This is your life darn it and it belongs to you. Begin to create the life that you deserve. If you have negative people that bring you down, you will slowly distance yourself from these people. You will have no desire to be around anyone with a negative outlook. You will begin choosing to be around happy and optimistic people. You look forward to your future now.



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