Release Anger~ Vol 1

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“Release Anger”

This is a self hypnotic recording for Anger Management.

What if you were able to choose your battles wisely?

How great will it feel when you are moving forward in a beneficial way?

What if you began to have control over your actions?

This recording was created to help you stay calm and have a more rational outlook in any situation. If you are struggling with anger issues, then this is the recording for you.



You can “Release Anger”

No one wants to feel angry. Being in control of your actions is a good thing. People will be less intimidated by you. Your relationships will only get better and better when you can learn to deal with anger in a much more positive way. Imagine what it would look like without having to raise your voice to get your message across to others. This helps you to remain rational and calm. You will be able to work things out without using negative words. You will have a much more positive attitude.

What if 6 months go by and you felt that you were in control of your life? How great that would be!! This recording will help you to see yourself happy. See yourself feeling better about yourself. Let go of anger once and for all! You will begin to flow easily with the ups and downs. Let that anger go! It’s just not who you want to be anymore.

Look forward to the fun of discovering those resources that you already have. And really begin to notice WHAT YOU CAN DO, to help yourself. Let go of Anger and begin to really find peace within yourself and your life.


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